The Classroom – Full Photo & Video Bundle By Eric Floberg (Group Buy)


The Classroom – Full Photo & Video Bundle By Eric Floberg

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28+ Hours of Content!

The very first way I expanded my business and increased my revenue was by offering multiple services on a wedding day. Whether you’re a photographer dabbling in video or a filmmaker dabbling in photography, you’ll have everything you need to continue to expand your knowledge, business and even potentially bring others on to take on these other aspects of what you could offer in the future.

Although a few of the modules overlap (see course descriptions), this bundle includes every single module I’ve created to become a successful Wedding Photographer AND Filmmaker. You’ll have access to both courses at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them individually.

What Included?
The Classroom — Photography
This course is a deep dive into my experience growing my business to 6-figures as a wedding photographer. We cover everything from creative portraiture, organizing ideas, managing finances, fostering a great client experience, and so much more. Check out the full curriculum below and to see the free module!

“The Brief Why”

Imploring you to ask why you photograph weddings. Having a business that stands the test of time means thinking beyond yourself and your own creativity. You will be inspired to think beyond the day as you photograph your clients and their families on their wedding day.

“The [Not So] Basics”

For a solid 1.5 hours, I break down the basics of how to shoot, all the photography gear I use, how I use it, and how to shoot like a photojournalist. This module is packed with all of the technical photography stuff to take your technical skills to the next level.


I chat through how to functionally shoot as a photojournalist and how street photography has helped me become a better photojournalist. You will learn how to use your senses to effectively photograph what would normally be ignored.


I walk you through editing a full wedding gallery from start to finish. From backing up files at the end of a wedding night, to culling, how to create your own visual style even using presets, exporting (along with settings) and more. You’ll be equipped to become an editing pro!

“Print Sales”

In this section, I do a full breakdown of how I use Pic-Time for galleries and passive income through print sales. You’ll be able to take this practical module and create new revenue streams for your business that will help you make more money without even booking more clients.


Learn how to incorporate your business, which corporation would make sense for you, how to maintain your books financially, how to set up business insurance, and how to start diversifying your business. This module is identical in both the wedding photo and wedding filmmaking courses. You’ll also hear a full convo with my accountant about taxes.

“Client Experience”

I talk about all of the technical parts of taking care of your clients [reading contracts line by line, Honeybook (CRM), emails, communication] – but even more, you’ll learn how to really make an impact & go above and beyond for your couples. Although the first half of this module is similar for both courses, in the Wedding Photography course you’ll see a full walk through setting up a potential Wedding Photography client meeting (real world emails) and specific examples from emails with real clients that have booked me as their wedding photographer and the process of booking. This module is over 2 hours of practical skills to take care of your clients that will blow them away.

“Creative Portraiture”

In this module, I dive into why my work differentiates me, what techniques I use for creative portraits, & how I plan to make creative portraits. This module will help you launch into your own creativity and inspire you to lean into what makes you different so you can stand out among the noise.

“Field Trip”

As wedding photographers, sometimes we can get caught in a rut with creativity because of the predictability of weddings. In this module, I challenged myself to shoot creatively for 30 minutes in an uninspiring location and difficult situation. You’ll learn my process of drawing out beauty from mundane and be presented with your own unique challenge to help you think creatively no matter the situation.

“Marketing Without Marketing – Scaling Your Business”

Your life will change if you treat your clients well. This module is my story and how I’ve scaled my business to $100k+. This module is identical in both the Wedding Photo & Wedding Filmmaking courses. You’ll learn some non-traditional routes for marketing, how to set yourself to diversify your business over time, and how to market without spending a dime.


In this module, do a deep dive with me on how to invest in yourself as well as how to traditionally invest your money. Not many creative courses share financial information, but I want these courses to be all-encompassing with as much transparency as I can muster. This module is the same in the Wedding Photography and Filmmaking Course. I go through how much I have in savings and retirement and offer my best info on how to set yourself up for success down the road as an entrepreneur.

“Philosophy” with Guest Speaker Benj Haisch

The Wedding Photography Course ends by asking the hard questions and challenging everyone to find a sustainable purpose in this industry. I sit down with the photographer who photographed my own wedding, Benj Haisch, who inspired me to become a wedding photographer in the first place. You will learn the most important parts of running a business, hear about some of the most impactful images from my own wedding and learn how to sustain in this industry without burnout.

The Classroom — Filmmaking
This course is a deep dive into my experience growing my business to 6-figures as a wedding filmmaker. We cover everything from creative storytelling, lighting & composition, organizing ideas, managing finances, fostering a great client experience, and so much more. Check out the full curriculum below! And scroll to get the free module!

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