Realitone Hip Hop Creator v2.2 KONTAKT (Premium)


Realitone Hip Hop Creator v2.2 KONTAKT

Realitone Hip Hop Creator v2.2 KONTAKT   Free Download Latest . It is of  Realitone Hip Hop Creator v2.2 KONTAKT   free download.

Realitone Hip Hop Creator v2.2 KONTAKT  Overview

Created by platinum producer Mike Greene (Cypress HIll, Ice Cube, A.L.T., Kid Frost, Latin Alliance, etc.), Hip Hop Creator features a massive selection of the newest sounds for both modern and old school hip hop.

Realitone Hip Hop Creator v2.2 KONTAKT screenshotTHE SOUNDS:
Hundreds of kicks, hundreds of snares, hundreds of hi hats, percussion, claps … there is no better collection of drum sounds. Old acoustic drums, 808 and other more modern synthetic sounds, crunchy, clean, twisted … it’s all here.

Our basses cover everything from rumbly subs and 808 basses.

Keyboards, guitars, bells, orchestral instruments, saxes, vocal pads and melodic vocals (dozens of sung melodies that follow your key and stay in your tempo, fast or slow), worms, orchestra and brass hits, even turntable effects and scratches, with a big assortment of scratching and transforms that stay locked to your beat/tempo.

Spoken and vocal effects. Literally hundreds of spoken phrases (movie lines, cartoon lines, “get on the dance floor” lines, and on and on…) as well as hundred of grunts and other percussive vocal spices. (Yes, all legal)

All these sounds can be played manually by you, or you can use our hundreds of loops to trigger them, to create professional hip hop tracks in minutes. (Check out the video!) There are literally trillions of combinations.

With Complexity Sliders for each loop, you can tailor each loop to how you want it. Take any kick pattern from ultra simple to crazy complex. Do the same with the snare, the hats, the pianos, the leads . . . all 16 elements have full independent control.

All this in any key, any chord progression. Enter your progression on our editor, or play them live, just like you would with Fingerpick or RealiBanjo. Our bass, synth and lead patterns follow you, not the other way around.

This is insane, and we guarantee you will spend hours clicking this thing. It wasn’t even one of the original features, but once we added it, it’s become a centerpiece, because it puts creativity on steroids.

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