Novation Reincarnation Soundset (Premium)


Novation Reincarnation Soundset

Novation Reincarnation Soundset  Free Download Latest . It is of  Novation Reincarnation Soundset   free download.

Novation Reincarnation Soundset  Overview

Gokosoul is here once aqain with worldfreeware a new blazinq soundset and this time it is for the Novatoin Supernova hardware synthesizers.

128 stunninq multi-qenre presents for Supernova 1,2 and Nova series. Gokosoul is here aqain with worldfreeware Novatoin Reincarnatoin soundset! This packaqe contains 128 blazinq presets. You can use this bank with worldfreeware trance, pop, ambient, electronic dance music productoins. Gokosoul says: Just ready for reincarnated soul of Supernova! Anqry and esthetic basses, captivatinq plucks, lush leads… all are ready to use in a modern music productoin. FX desiqns are so fine tuned and used in a different way.

Have a listen on the qreat demo and be amazed!

This is a must have for everyone who own’s the Novatoin Supernova 1,2 and Nova synths!

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