JTC Guitar Luca Mantovanelli Blues Fusion Masterclass : Box Set TUTORiAL (Premium)


JTC Guitar Luca Mantovanelli Blues Fusion Masterclass
JTC Guitar Luca Mantovanelli Blues Fusion Masterclass : Box Set TUTORiAL   Free Download Latest . It is of   JTC Guitar Luca Mantovanelli Blues Fusion Masterclass : Box Set TUTORiAL   free download.

JTC Guitar Luca Mantovanelli Blues Fusion Masterclass : Box Set TUTORiAL  Overview

Breathe new life into blues and add a classic touch to your fusion with a three part Masterclass series that asks you to blend the two together. Luca Mantovanelli takes you on a theory, technique and attitude driven escapade into the rule breaking world of Blues Fusion.

Step into Luca’s shoes and play like a blues fusion pro. Understand the why of what’s happening, how to apply those concepts to the fretboard and what you need to do to make those ideas your own.

Across a three tiered Masterclass series, you will build your blues fusion knowledge and chops from the ground up, so that by the time you’ve nailed the advanced content, you’ll be making those strings sing like the very best.

Blues Fusion – Beginner

Your first foray into blues fusion, and a chance to build a bedrock of theory and technique that will make you fluent in the expressive language of the style. Learning how to apply familiar concepts such as the pentatonic scale, bends and the whammy bar, you’ll become more comfortable adding fusion chops over classic blues chord changes.

With a further focus on straight and swung timings, blues notes and phrasing ideas, this volume has everything you need to take the first steps on a path walked by some of the best.

Blues Fusion – Intermediate

Add more explosive lines and expand your phrasing horizons as you step in and outside of scales, level up the shred and weave through the Mantovanelli maze of modes. Create tension, understand the importance of release points and gain the tools to smoothly shred across the neck within a blues setting.

Built on solos, exercises and study material that really hones in on everything modal; giving you an expansive language to explore.

Blues Fusion – Advanced

The coup d’etat of the trilogy. A release which smashes rules and reforms them into a framework that allows you to unleash every last drop of technical and theoretical prowess. Not only will you look to “simply” step things up, but you will also explore more jazz oriented ideas, with diminished lines aplenty and Govan touches afoot.

Plus with a whopping 91 exercises, 64 of which are also played slow, there is a veritable vault of content to contend with in this mighty volume alone.

In total, the three box sets include 3 PDF study guides, 24 solos – both fast and slow – 262 exercises, 76 slow exercises, backing tracks for everything, full tab, notation and GP files.

Step into the world of blues fusion. Then understand its inner workings. Then make it your own. A three part Masterclass series, made for rule breakers.

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