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So what’s so great about your course, heh? Well, for one I cover the whole range of Houdini (or at least the most important bits), so you’re not just buying into one topic. I cover standard cases of POPs, FLIP, RBDs and PYRO. So while you certainly don’t know everything after the course (good luck with that idea), you know enough to understand the context of everything else out there. Also the course is not just a bunch of videos: It’s a learning platform. Most videos have one or more of the following

– Links to other resources
– Hip-Files to download
– Graphics explaining the core concepts

And don’t forget the comprehensive Search Function – forgot what a “velocity field” was? Just search it and the video about it shows up. It’s not supposed to be the only course you take, but the first one – let me be your guide through the crazy world of Houdini!

Also the amount of content has grown quite a lot: over 60 hours of content with many examples (And growing…).

Is this for complete beginners in 3D? No, I recommend to have experience in a 3D package ( Maya / 3DSMax / Cinema4D / Blender) and ideally Nuke.

So you should have basic knowledge about rendering and compositing, ideally with experience in Node based programs. I will barely cover these areas. Houdini should not be your first 3D program. The workflows are quite different and to understand the why and how you should have worked with a “normal” 3D program before.

Which topics are covered? Which aren’t? No, I’m not covering “everything”. That wouldn’t makes sense and would overwhelm you and me. I am covering the common workflows of an FX TD, not CFX, nor Animation or Rigging.So let me give you a list


– Fundamentals / SOPs (Procedural modeling)
– ROPS/Mantra (Basics of Rendering)
– POPs (Particle simulations)
– Vellum (Cloth/soft body simulations)
– RBDs (Rigid body simulations, destruction FX)
– FLIP (Fluid simulations)
– Pyro (Smoke/Fire/Explosion simulations)

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