Hamza Ahmed – Social Skills Masterclass 2023 (Premium)


Hamza Ahmed – Social Skills Masterclass

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File Name Hamza Ahmed – Social Skills Masterclass 2023
Source https://www.classcentral.com/course/skillshare-social-skills-masterclass-make-friends-online-in-the-gym-and-at-school-92862
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Publisher  Hamza Ahmed
update and Published 2023

What you will get by watching this class:

Make new friends online
Make new friends in the gym
Make new friends at school
Make new friends in a party
Learn how to smile properly in a friendly way
Learn how to actually improve your eye contact
Understand what makes approaches creepy
Aware of your body language
Understand what the other persons body language means
More confidence, especially around the opposite sex
My YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/hamza97

My Discord server (60k potential friends in here!): https://discord.gg/PtjC4ZSfG3

What’s it Like Having A Good Group of Friends?
What You Will Learn
Social Intelligence
How to Approach People Without Feeling Creepy
Smiling Properly
Your Body Language
Their Body Language
Eye Contact
Basic Conversations
Deep Conversations
Afraid of Rejection?
How To Make Friends Online
How To Make Friends At The Gym
How To Make Friends At School
How To Make Friends At A Party
Advanced Social Skills

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